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    Regardless of where this road takes us, we plan to remain just as involved in every aspect of the company as we were on day one. We want to develop relationships with each of our fans and keep up with their progress. We are so thankful to be a part of your fitness journey.

    Our interest in fitness didn’t take flight until about February of 2011. Chris and I decided to start a 12-week program. It was the beginning of the rest of our lives. Chris lost 70 pounds and I lost 40 lbs. We were consumed by: not only seeing results, but the lifestyle. We would work twelve-hour days and then go to the gym in the wee hours of the night- and loved every minute of it. 

    In July of that year, we found out that Kennedy Cash would be joining us. I tried my best to stay as healthy as possible, but eventually the pregnancy took its toll and I was dealing with everything from restless legs to gestational diabetes. After Cash’s arrival, we decided to do something to not only motivate ourselves, but others as well. We wanted to influence others to be the best version of themselves, while finding our own inner beasts again.

    We created a name that we felt would challenge each person that read it: a name that those who had achieved their goals would be proud to wear, but also motivate those who haven’t to jump on board. It isn’t necessarily about looking like you belong in a magazine, or about competing. It is about eating healthy and taking care of your body not only to be proud of it, but also to prolong your life. We only get ONE body in this lifetime- make sure you love yours!  “Flex ‘Till You’re Famous” was created on June 23, 2012. It was initially more of a project to keep my creative mind busy while being a stay-at-home Mom and put some use to my art degree. The first order was for three designs, totaling seventy-five shirts. They were sold out before we received them in the mail. We couldn’t have been more excited. Soon realizing that our dream had the potential of becoming a reality, we decided to put everything we had into making this as big as possible.

    In the beginning, just as today-  sacrifices had to be made to build the company. It was extremely hard- but we had to keep in mind that what we do now determines Cash's future. It seems like just yesterday we were in the kitchen. I remember being at home all day folding the new release and turning around to my hard work scattered all over the floor with Cash in the middle grinning. Chris would get off work at 9 at night and start making address labels one-by-one until 6 in the morning, then shower and go back to work. At that time, we only had Chris' small car so we would make 4 or 5 trips to the post office while I stood there and filled out 100 customs forms with a baby on my hip. That year, we had everything tied up in our Christmas release. Luckily, Cash wasn't old enough to know that if it wasn't for our parents, he wouldn't have had a Christmas. Not taking out loans and growing slowly has been the best decision we made but damn if we didn't have to claw our way here. 

    Our company began with three employees: Myself, Chris, and our sweet little boy. We eventually got to the point where we couldn't do everything alone and do it efficiently, so we added Lina to the staff. She has been a blessing and has lightened the load tremendously. Between the four of us- we do it all. With the help of a few more friends, we also count, fold, and pack each order ourselves- this being one reason stay relatively small.

    As our company grows and life happens- aspects of our story change. Chris and I feel that the reason that we crossed paths was for the creation of both Cash and Flex Till You’re Famous and will continue to ensure that both flourish to their full potential. We make a point to never lose sight of the reasons that we began this journey- to inspire others and build a future for our beautiful son. We are of the lucky few in that we can still work and parent together daily, no matter what life throws at us. 

    Initially, our goal was to inspire as many people as possible to live healthier lives. As our company grows we realize that just as many people are inspired by values that we started the company with and maintain today: family, hard work, and ambition. Family: We are blessed that so many call us family. When we began we swore to maintain relationships with as many of our supporters as possible. Without each of them, FTYF would never have been a reality. Hard work: We are no strangers to sleep deprivation. When we have a release on Friday, we all take shifts and ensure that everything is packed and ready to go by Monday morning. Ambition: when we decided to make this our career, people thought we were crazy. It was our vision though- and we never gave up. Everyone possesses the ability to create a future for themselves. 

    We are humbled by each and every “like", “follower", visitor, customer, and supporter that we get. Every person that joins the Flex Till You’re Famous team is an accomplishment for us. Thank you for believing in not only us, but more importantly- YOURSELF.