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    Please read these before contacting us, as it may save you time!

    Since we don't exactly operate as a "typical" fitness brand (constant stock,multiple color choices, etc.) , we thought listing answers to the most common questions would help to clear up any confusion. Thank you all so much for your constant patience and understanding in the trial and error we experience throughout our growth and learning! 


    Why are your items always sold out?

    We release multiple items every few weeks on Friday at 9pm EST. We sell out of the popular items EXTREMELY FAST and then prepare for the next drop. Selling out and flipping that profit into the next release is the fastest way for us to grow and being a financially independent company- we can not afford to have items sit on the shelves. 

    Can I order sold out items?

    When items are labeled sold-out, it means we no longer have them in stock. We can not do special orders due the fact that we produce in bulk and both our distributor and printer require minimum orders. Occasionally we re-release items- but generally we change the color and/or style. Our apparel is LIMITED. We are confident in our designs and like to change it up a little in each drop.

    Why Friday at 9pm?

    We chose 9pm because of the wide range of locations that participate in our drops. We have spread a great distance in a short time and try to accommodate as many of you guys as possible. 9pm gives our West Coast fans time to get off work and isn't too late for our East Coast fans. We have also spread to Australia recently and it is 9am for them. We realize that it is not ideal for every person but it seems to be the most fair across the board.

    Why are there no sizing charts available on the website?

    In order to find specific items, colors, and styles- we use MANY different brands. Each garment is only available in certain colors- we can not just get "THAT tank in THIS color." We always put size recommendations in the item description unless it is true to size. If you have additional questions about sizing, email us or call and we will do our best to help based on our personal sizes in the item you are interested in.

    Can I reserve my order prior to a drop?

    Unfortunately, we can not take orders prior to the drop time. We get an overwhelming amount of requests for that and it would not be fair to do that for one if we could not for all- pandora's box.

    Do we ship WORLDWIDE?

    Yes- We do! Shipping usually ends up around $10- $15 depending on its weight and the destination. International shipping, however, is a MUCH longer process so PLEASE be patient when expecting an order!

    Would you be interested in carrying your products in various locations?

    We are always open to ideas on expansion but currently, we really enjoy the personal relationship with each customer. Seeing the receipts and recognizing names and locations from Instagram, Facebook, etc. We embrace that there are two of us and we each have had some part in every order. As of now- you can only get our gear from our website and we personally design, fold, pack, and ship each item.