We make sure that all questions and concerns are given our full attention, and  make an attempt for the responses to be as prompt as possible! We are try to keep up with the growth of the company while making as few mistakes as possible- but they DO happen. 

Please read the FAQ before contacting us, as it may save you time. Since we don't exactly operate as a "typical" fitness brand (constant stock,multiple color choices, etc.) , we thought listing answers to the most common questions would help to clear up any confusion. Thank you all so much for your constant patience and understanding! We are in and out of the office- so if we do not answer, leave a message and we will return your call OR email us.


Email:  flextyfamous@gmail.com

Call: (478) 452-1111


Email to:  sponsorships.flextyfamous@gmail.com

We review them as we grow and spaces become available on the team! We choose athletes based on the positive impact they have on others and their attempt to spread fitness and health! It is not a requirement to be a successful competitor, nor to be "shredded". Ultimately, we want a team that will inspire others to join this movement that is spreading rapidly and take control of their lives! Regardless of "sponsorships", we want you to be a part of, not just where we ARE- but where we are GOING!